Hydraulic Capstan Winch

We supply truck car recovery hydraulic capstan winch. China high quality with ISO9001 certificate 1 year warranty. We devoted ourselves to winches about 10 years.Covering most of America and middle east market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China. Title: Factory price 2 ton...


1 product introduction

Winch mounted on a vehicle is the one thing any real wheeler is not likely to skip. Winches save you lots of time and money when you’re trapped somewhere in the mountains or swamp areas. They can pull almost any stuck vehicle out of mud, sand, and water. You name it, it pulls. Many 4×4’s are by default, equipped with a winch. 

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3 product qualification of hydraulic winch


6 Delivery,shipping,service.


PRE-SALE SERVICE. We provide pre-sales in our first cooperation,make clear your situation and give you some advice,you can making invest budget,manufacturing,planing,so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost. Stage 1st: Let us be honest with each other and make clear the situation of each customer first,then we can give the best advice . Stage 2nd: I will give the details to each customers for reference, including the dimension,performance,quality and price level. Stage 3rd: we can compare the product one by one ,then confirm the reasonable products with the best price.

AFTER -SALE SERVICE.After-sale service are most important in each business, we will do the below things in each order:
Stage 1st;Tracking the shipment and inform the customer before the arrival date.
Stage 2nd:Tracking the quality during the use condition.warranty 1 year
Stage 3rd:We will charge all the questions if you buy from me ,because reputation is most important in exporting business



1 How do I secure a load?

Use ratchets and straps for secure points. Winches do not make suitable tie downs because the gears can be damaged if under continual undulation.

2 Can I increase the line speed of my planetary gear winch?

Yes, but you will lose about half of your pulling power. On electric winches, a simple exchange of gears can provide up to a 50% line speed increase, and on hydraulic winches, you can change your motor to one with different displacement.

3 How much pulling power do I require?

You need a winch to be powerful enough to pull your vehicle while overcoming the added resistance caused by an obstacle, moving water, mud, snow or sand on a steep hill. Choose a winch with a maximum line pull of at least 1.5 times greater than the gross vehicle weight.

4 How can I double my winch capacity?

Use a snatch block to double your winch capacity, half the winch speed and maintain a direct line pull to the center of the rollers.

5 How can I provide a safe anchor point?

Use rated D Ring or bow shackles in conjunction with an approved tree truck protector.

6 What do I do when pulling heavy loads?

Lay a heavy blanket or jacket over the wire rope when pulling heavy loads. Should wire rope failure occur the cloth may help prevent wire rope backlash.

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