Hydraulic Recovery Winch

We supply recovery hydraulic winch. China high quality with ISO9001 certificate 1 year warranty. We devoted ourselves to winches about 10 years.Covering most of America and middle east market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China. Title: Vehicle recovery hydraulic winch ,China...




1 Brief introduction

This kinds of winch , is only for towing, cannot be used for hoisting, and if the towing grade beyond 25 degree, the brake cannot hold the load. So normally it is just for vehicle recovery , if you want to hoist , please choose our another type winches. It can be used for lifting and pulling

2 product parameter 

Eg: 5 ton.

Line pull : 5 ton

speed: 6.5 m/min

Rope diameter: 11 mm

Rope length: 30m

Weight about : 65 kg.

More specs, please check the download part, you can download from there.

3 product feature and application of the hydraulic winch.

image003(001).jpg image005(001).jpg image007(001).jpg image009.jpg

For the first picture, it is 24v electric recovery winch. Second picture , it is hydraulic hoist winch, can be use for lifting and pulling.  The third one is hydraulic recovery winch, only can be used for towing, and the angel can not be more than 25 degree

4 product details 

Consist of plantary gear reducer, hydraulic motor, Brake,drum, etc. Powered by hydraulic oil.


5 product qualification

COC certificate

Factory certificate

ISO certificate

CE certificate

winch body has the relevant SWL and warning sign.

6 Delivery,shipping,service.


Delivery time depend on the quantities of winch, normally for 1 set, the delivery time is about one week, before delivery , we package the product by plywood case .  Shipment way you can choose by sea , by air, by express etc.  We also have after-sale service, for all the product , our warranty is 1 year. During the warranty , if the product have any problem, we provide free spare part for you.



1 How can I make sure that my winch is operating properly?

Please read this instruction that I send to you to better understand how your winch will perform in a variety of situations. If you do not understand the concepts presented in this article; please do not buy our winch.

2 Which winch is right for me?

Typically, most winch manufacturers will suggest you should calculate the winch rating by taking the vehicle weight and multiplying it by 1.5 and that would be your minimum winch size. But this minimum rating is just that, a minimum. Certain factors can quickly cause your winch capacity to be exceeded so you need to think about your intended usage.

3 Can I use my winch as a hoist?

We have two type hydraulic winches, one type is for lifting and pulling, the other one is just for towing. A towing winch is designed for pulling (moving rolling weight) NOT lifting and supporting "dead weight". The braking system incorporated in a winch is not designed to work effectively on pulling angles greater than 45 degrees. So before order the winch, please tell me which way you use the winch.

8 Latest news.

Bauma Fair will be held on 27, Nov --30 Nov 2018 in Shanghai. We will attend the fair, our Booth NO.: N2-870.


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